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Be Involved With Your Child’s Learning

Relationships between the school and parents are a critical part of having your student be successful in school. Brookins, (2010) posits that “ school systems are relationship-intensive places that operate in unique ways to attain student learning. For student learning to happen, there must be work towards the establishment of positive and effective relationships amongst all stakeholders” (p104). One of these key relationships happens between the teacher and the parent. This relationship can be created by a teacher who regularly communicates with their student’s parents. One of the most effective ways to do this is to have regular contact with each parent about the positive things that are occurring in the classroom. This could be exemplary educational moments as well as disciplinary moments that are always good or maybe simply improving with a student who may historically struggle with behavior or instruction in the classroom. Parents typically hear from the teacher when there are bad things happening be it educational or behavioral. If parents hear from teachers about positive things that are happening with their children, they will less likely feel that their relationship with the teacher is negative especially if they are used to hearing positive things about their child. 

Within this teacher-parental contact, one thing that can be discussed is a student’s homework.  Massetth, (2007) states that “parents and teachers working together on homework assignments could raise levels of student achievement and motivation” (p.1).  Teachers and parents who are regularly communicating will be able to keep better track on the meaningfulness and completion quality of homework. When teachers and parents are keeping in close contact, educational growth can be better monitored and the likelihood of your child falling through the cracks may be less. Homework moments that are shared between parents and students may very well increase student success as parents play that lead educational role in their child’s life. Parent and teacher close connectedness will allow for the parent to stay up on where their child may be within a chapter or unit and allow the parent to better monitor their child’s day to day success.  In addition, Massetth, (2007, states that ”parents knowing what their child is learning in school, is important for them so they know how to bridge the gap from school to home and make the students’ learning more meaningful”(p.1). Parents that are updated regularly by the teacher are going to feel not only closer to the teacher but more of an integral role in their child’s learning. If mom and dad help create their child’s homework expectation and create that beautiful educational environment in their home, the opportunity for classroom success may increase. If the classroom success increases then your student will be better able to handle the plethora of state achievement tests that are thrown at them on a regular basis each year. When test scores and classroom success is elevated your child may better connect how meaningful each step of the educational process is and is more likely to connect steps that transcend home and classroom.

When educational relationships are held in high esteem and all members of the student’s educational team are doing their part, there is a real chance that learning will be elevated and parents will feel more connected to teachers and to their student’s learning. This happens as parents embrace their position as the lead teacher and create the best possible educational environment that amalgamates the classroom and home. This educational connection that you create as a parent also shows your child how important education is to you and through that modeled behavior may spark your child’s educational journey as they witness your dedication and love of their learning.


Written by John T. McMahan III

Professor McMahan is the Editor-in-Chief of Family Literacy Journal. With a doctorate in educational leadership, and focus on curriculum and instruction, he is a career educator and superintendent. His consultancy, The McMahan Group, helps administrators and teachers maximize student success. McMahan owns and stewards the 150-year-old McMahan and Sons, one of Ohio’s oldest and most respected family-owned farm businesses. As a 3-term township trustee in Trumbull, Ohio, McMahan is committed to the empowerment and integration of family, community, and education. McMahan is also an accomplished musician and published poet.



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